The AOSP and AAOS Meetup


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Here you will find an archive of all the meetings of the AOSP and AAOS Meetup

The slides and videos for all of the talks are available - just click on the links below.

The March 2024 Meetup

20th March 2024:



Talk 1: Android Fragmentation in the Automotive Industry

Android fragmentation is becoming a real issue in the automotive industry. What is it and what can we do to prevent it?

Juhani Lehtimäki, Snapp Automotive

slides video

Talk 2: What to expect in Android 15

While the source code for this year’s Android 15 ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’ release won’t be made public before early September (estimated), there’s a lot we can glean about this release from Google’s current developer previews, AOSP code changes, and documentation. Here’s a summary of what to expect

Mishaal Rahman

slides video

The January 2024 Meetup

24th January 2024:

Talk 1: SELinux in Android

How it works and how it’s used to make Android more secure

Alan Stokes, Google

slides video

Talk 2: aminilog – AOSP styled logging macros for NDK projects

Stefan Lengfeld, inovex

video github

The November 2023 Meetup

15th November 2023:


slides video

Talk 1: Working with custom Android devices

In this session you will learn the most important parts of working on custom devices. We will cover things like developers boards, board support packages, AOSP builds, firmware updates, and much more

Erik Hellman

slides video

Talk 2: Adventures with Systrace - measure and investigate the glass to glass latency in Android

What is the glass to glass latency in Android? This means how much delay is between the camera, taking a picture, and the screen, to display the picture again. This presentation is a technical tour through the Android graphics system and hardware. From the measurement setup, based on cables, LEDs, photodiodes and an oscilloscope, to camera sensors and the rolling shutter effect, to displays and refresh rates, to surfaceflinger and vsyncs, and last but not least to the ultimate tool to debug most of your performance issues, to Android’s systrace

Stefan Lengfeld, inovex

slides video

Q & A

Following the two talks at the meetup there was a Q & A session that covered topics from the talks and also other (related) topics


The September 2023 Meetup

27th September 2023:


Talk 1: Interactive AOSP-based cloud streaming solution

Running an AOSP 13 adaptation on an ARM64 cloud server, streaming it to an actual phone at high frame rate and low-latency for touch events. Simonas Leleiva, slides

The July 2023 Meetup

12th July 2023:


Talk 1: Binder RPC - AIDL for distributed systems

David Brazdil, Google Slides Video

Talk 2: Debugging AOSP using Android Studio - revisited

Chris Simmonds, 2net Slides Video

The May 2023 Meetup

24th May 2023:


Talk 1: Broadcast Radio in AAOS

Simon Osim, Conjure Slides Video

Talk 2: RAMSES – An open source 3D graphics tool chain for Android

Klaus Gaßner, Paradox Cat Slides Video

Talk 3: Evolution of an Android OTA management application

Diego Rondini, Kynetics Slides Video

The March 2023 Meetup

29th March 2023

Talk 1: Devboard maintenance in AOSP

Amit Pundir, Linaro Slides Video

Talk 2: Debugging Made Easy: Tips and Tricks for Android Developers

Chris Hayes, Memfault Slides Video

The January 2023 Meetup

11th January 2023

Talk 1: App developers and Android Automotive OS

Al Sutton - Snapp Automotive Slides Video

Talk 2: Thoughts about AOSP on Raspberry Pi 4

Chris Simmonds - 2net Slides Video

The November 2022 meetup

16th November 2022

Talk 1: ConnectivityService and networking in Android

Diogo Júnior - Critical TechWorks Slides Video

Talk 2: Securing iMX6 Android Devices, Part 2

Andrea Scian - DAVE Embedded Systems Slides Video

Talk 3: Debugging SEPolicy

Chris Simmonds - 2net Slides Video

The September 2022 meetup

28th September 2022

Talk 1: Notes from Linux Plumbers Conference

Chris Simmonds - 2net Slides Video

Talk 2: Swimming towards a Software Defined Architecture with Android Trout

Isaac Trefz - OpenSynergy Slides Video

Talk 3: You can do better than bug reports

Devon Yablonski - Memfault Slides Video

Talk 4: gdb & lldb debugging custom RPI4 linux kernel

Jürgen Weißer Slides Video Files

The July 2022 meetup

20th July 2022

Talk 1: Extending the Vehicle HAL with vendor properties

Chris Simmonds - 2net Slides

Talk 2: Debugging native platform code using LLDB

Chris Simmonds - 2net Slides Video

Talk 3: Keeping Embedded Android Up To Date

Igor Kalkov-Streitz - Emteria Slides Video

The May 2022 meetup

18th May 2022

Talk 1: Securing iMX6 Android Devices

Andrea Scian - DAVE Embedded Systems
Slides Video

Talk 2: Long term support for Enterprise Android Devices

Rupesh Gujare - NotioNext Slides

Talk 3: Introduction to COVESA and the Android Automotive Special Interest Group

Paul Boyes - COVESA Slides

Talk 4: Browsing and debugging framework code using Android Studio

Chris Simmonds - 2net Slides Video

The March 2022 meetup

16th March 2022

This was the first meetup of our group. A total of 25 members attended, and I would like to say thanks to everyone who was there, and I hope you are motivated to come along to the next one in May

Talk 1: Aims and Objectives of the AOSP and AAOS Meetup

Chris Simmonds - 2net Slides

Talk 2: The Cuttlefish Emulator

Chris Simmonds - 2net slides

Talk 3: VHAL SocketComm

Chris Simmonds - 2net slides